DJ MAN-X Experience

Note : Off course not al the Party's where I Performed as DJ are listed here, these are the official Party's with flyers. I have performed more than fifty times on Dance Events at Squatters or illegal locations.

I started to give party's in 1992. After a year my first real 'big' party for some hundred people took place at 'Willem I', Arnhem.I found out that having success makes also a lot of people jealous. Some people design our living world, others spoil it...

The next party was to big for my taste, mainly because of foreseen drug problems. You need a very good selection of professionals to guide these big events well. I had some unpleasant problems with the local security.

So the next party I felt I needed to take control of my own. With a friend of mine we organised the 'Deep into the Hardcore Jungle' -event : In Holland one of the first party's with Drum 'n Bass/Jungle music and one of the first 'Battle zone' -party's (mixed Hardcore Jungle & House). For almost 700 people a big success at 'de Jacobiberg' in Arnhem. We had some problems with the sound system, but that wasn't our mistake. It was a long day for me because we also had an after party until 12 am next day.

In this period I was DJ at underground hardcore house party's. I played in discos and had a lot of fun because the music was real deep and hard. At the 'OJEE' centre I played for teenagers and that where real cool party's, but after a year they stopped because someone in the audiance kicked a member of the OJEE organisation. The last party with those guys was "the happy birthday" party for Dj Voyager. We dug out the cellar in which we would give our parties, but when the work was done they kicked me out !! Thank you... !

The 'NEXUS' party in Amsterdam was my first experience with my live performance "Deep Trance Medium". With JB03 on second Computer, 303 brainteck, Drumpad Kawai & Korg. The first two DJ's where shit but after our performance the crowd was already warmed up. This all night party was a great success. Later on we had two more live performances with "Deep Trance Medium" in Amsterdam.

The next party was in Utrecht. Because of the shit party's there, we came in action to organise a party of our own. We found a location, but a week before the party date the place was closed by the police. We managed to do it in 'de Felini' in Utrecht, but the dancing floor was to small. My performance made a lot of people wild and some of them panicked. Later on I had a chance to do it over, but the other Dj's and organisation programmed me for the morning, so after the whole night boring, not danceable music, I had my chance and blew the hell out of the place. Later on I had problems with some DJ's because they also wanted to play 'heavy', and as a result they blew up the box-security system. Not my problem !

In that period I also DJ-ed a lot at squatted buildings, because the music they play there is more my style : Non-commercial dance music. I played for almost 30 times at "de Vismarkt" (Utrecht) and the first (and last) time "my name was on the flyer.", hum.

My DJ performance at the 'Trance-Buddha' in Amsterdam, was with DJ Nilz. Pure teckstep music; real new, real great, but the audiance was terrible, (some Russian people), not my idea.

In Arnhem I found a perfect location for underground parties, with Betty live and MAN-X as king of the jungle we played until 9 am. Later we developed some ideas for a next party with our own live performance. The idea was Etnical-Drum'n Bass, what resulted in the Aboritual Party. The recordings in my home-studio with Doc beni and JB03 where very promising, but this time all things went wrong. The person who had promised to help us with the set-up wasn't there. Instead we had to arrange it with his girlfriend, who was a terrible bitch. So we had no monitors and a lot of stress, to get ready on time. It was real terrible; we couldn't hear what we played en blew up my speaker-set, a real nightmare.

The last live performance was during the 'Grote Prijs van Nederland' (a dance music contest), but it was in a place where I am not so popular with the organisation, so we lost what ever we did. But I had to try, no try no gain !!! Seeeyaaa ..... MAN-X >>>

In 2005 I change my DJ name from MAN-X into SHA-MAN-X
Vissit Sha-man-x Site >>> for more info

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