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-= Music Projects 2014-2016 =-

For new projects see links below, my new mixes and video projects.
Now my studio is ready I will start my new project Energetic Vortex
composed music with own made video clips. This is to warming up

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-= Music Projects 1985-2005 =- 

(1985-1987) Des Enfants Aux Suicide
Live "Chee's SoundHouse" in Arnhem, by Alex & studio "Akkabar" 

(1987-1991) Crystal Experience
Studio Project - All Recorded at C.E.M. Studio in Arnhem 

(1987-1991) Istari Project
End-Study Project - Made with Atari-program TRANS (C.E.M.) 

(1991-1997) Deep Trance Medium
deep style house formation - The old works - Recorded at studio "One-Way"

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