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MNX2010 Music Projects

-= Music Projects 2012-2024 =-

  (2016-2024) Energetic Vortex

For links of my newest projects see below, my new mixes and video projects.
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-= Music Projects 1985-2005 =-

  (1985-1987) Des Enfants Aux Suicide
Live "Chee's SoundHouse" in Arnhem, by Alex & studio "Akkabar"
The first time I ever played guitar en sing at the same time. I didn’t even no I was able to do this. The Music is spontaneous, there is no practice. The Live recording was made in "Chee's SoundHouse" in Arnhem, by Alex in October of the year 1985, I never played music in my live! The Name "Des Enfants Aux Suicide" is connected with a wave of suicide, in that period, by dozens of young kids in the Netherlands.
(bass : Theo Paymans, drums : jelle, leadgitar & voice : mnx2010)

(1987-1991) Crystal Experience
Studio Project - All Recorded at C.E.M. Studio in Arnhem
Crystal Experience is a project of different settings of people, during the period I studied at the CEM.We had an entire studio at our disposal, so together with some tape loops and other analogue gadgets, we still created very musical but also very complex soundscapes. We also gained a lot of experience with studio work and producing music.
(bass : Emiel, flute & computer :Marco Robertson, computer & voice : mnx2010)
(1987-1991) Istari Project
End-Study Project - Made with Atari-program TRANS (C.E.M.)
Graduation project of MNX2010 Presentation on June 15, 1989 C.E.M. Studio
Made with the C.E.M. developed composer program TRANS
Trans is an experimental program based on mathematical calculations and laws, with this “material” is created which can be used to create the following.
New for that time and still as only this program can. It works on Atari and can be downloaded here : (Click here) To actually make music with this program,
you have to be in a kind of trance, with or without certain "aids". The problem is that the result is not immediately audible, it has to go through the compiler first, so some imagination is needed.
(1987-1994) Amiga 2000 Project
Studio Project - Recorded at C.E.M. Studio in Arnhem
My first music made on computer, I worked with a Music-tracker, first 4 channels and later 8 ! It worked with 8bit samples, but in that days it was crazy ! I even got with the track (Radio Mix) on the national radio (VPRO).
(1991-1999) Deep Trance Medium (DTM)
Deep Trance Formation - The old works - Recorded at the old MNX2010 studio
Deep Trance Medium is a deep trance formation. creating this music is purely intuitive and made in a self-trance atmosphere. After long time rebuilding de compositions, the ultimate form crystallizes. This is made with my Atari (Cubase) in my old studio.
See Link : (Click here)
DeepTranceMediumfrtsm Deep Trance Medium
CD Download

The tracks were recorded with my old Atari studio setting and they were actually made in the period before the millennium, but were only released for recording in 2011. So they were on my hard drive for a while before I came across them. This was the opportunity for me to remastered them with Ozone.

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